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Sunshine Association for Sustainable Development

Living a Zero Waste Life

Our environment is suffering now. It suffers degradation at unprecedented levels. Climate change is not just something we read about in books; it now actually something happening in the present. The icecaps are melting and animals are dying. Nature is tormenting us with severe hurricanes and typhoons to pay us back with all the damage we have done.

But there is still hope. We can still stop the absolute demise that Nature will bring upon us due to pollution and climate change that we have brought upon our selves. We can live peacefully with Nature and thus create a world that is cleaner, safer and even zero waste.

What is The Zero Waste Life?

The Zero Waste movement is a lifestyle that focuses on one thing: living sustainability. It is a way of life that forgoes the unnecessary waste that existing as human has brought about. It is a lifestyle that helps you live a kinder, more loving way towards planet Earth.

As the term goes, Zero Waste means not using or consuming items that bring about waste. It also means refusing items such as single use plastics and packaging that are unnecessary and create garbage and damage to Mother Earth.

How To Go Zero Waste?

Choosing to live sustainability and going Zero Waste can be the most rewarding thing you can ever do in your life. But is it easy? Well, yes and no. Yes because choosing to create a life that is free from guilt of damaging the planet is a simple choice. No, because this way of life comes with responsibilities and steps that may not be for the faint of heart.

The first and most important step in living a zero waste life is to choose not to create more pollution. It all begins with a choice and this choice you have got to stick to.

1. Stick to your choice

As we have talked about, going zero waste means taking on the responsibility that you will not be an added burden to the planet. If you decided to go Zero Waste, then you must stick to your decision and keep that promise.

2. Containers and Reusables

One of the most important things about going waste free is having reusable containers, eco-bags and reusable items that we can use when shopping for items. When you go shopping in a store, a simple step of just bringing eco-bags can great reduce plastic/ paper waste.

Reusable containers can be used for bringing home take out and food from outside. You can also use it for when you buy meat and veggies and put your groceries in them.

3. Finding Zero Waste stores

Zero waste stores provide you an alternative to stores that sell wrapped goods. You can buy flour, rice and other grains and pasta by weight and then you put them in your own reusable container. Their merchandise are not packaged in plastic and thus eliminates much waste.

4. Refuse water bottles and drinks that come in single use containers

If you love a cup of Joe in the morning, you can still go guilt free when going to a cafe. If you will drink you coffee in the cafe itself, then order it in a mug. If you will bring it with you, then bring a tumbler. This will allow you to stick to the Zero Waste lifestyle.

5. Compost

Composting is one of the most important steps for you to minimize waste. You can buy a garbage composting system and compost all the food waste and other solid waste you produce and turn them into natural fertilize.

6. Recycle

Learn ways to reuse things. For example, if you eat ice-cream and it does come in a plastic tub, then reuse the tub as a container for when you buy take out or groceries. Recycle paper and reuse them to wrap gifts, make arts and crafts and so on.

You can also bring your recyclables to a recycling center so that they can recycle them for you.

Going Zero Waste may not be an easy feat in the beginning, however it can be the most rewarding and best thing you can ever commit to in your life.

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