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How to Help the Environment by Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

How to Help the Environment by Decreasing Your Carbon FootprintWe know that climate change is greatly affecting our planet. The heat index is greatly increasing and is causing severe changes in our weather conditions. Flora and fauna are both suffering immense loss in population due to this harsh conditions. Many people get sick due to the changing weather. Slowly the planet is becoming unliveable.

As human beings we are assigned to be the caretakers of this planet. Each and every one of us has the duty to keep this planet alive for the future of our species as well as for the animals and plants. If only animals and plants lived in our planet, the topography will not change a lot, however humans in order to progress, has invented machines that has caused change. The damage that has been caused by human existence is nearly irreversible. On the other hand, we can help slow down the destruction of our planet by minimizing our carbon foot print and living a life that is eco-friendly.

People would normally think that living an ecologically sound life is difficult but this is not the case. We can do a few steps in order to shape the future of our planet into a brighter one. Following the three R’s of ecological living can help us do this


In order to minimize our carbon footprint we must always try to reduce our usage of everything. We must first reduce our garbage. This can be done by separating our biodegradable waste from the non-biodegradable waste. If this is done. There will zero garbage since all biodegradable garbage can be used as compost and the non-biodegradable waste can be recycled. We must also reduce our water consumption. When we brush our teeth, must use a glass to prevent water being wasted. When we shower we must turn the water off when we soap ourselves. Water is as old as this planet. The water that we drink today took millions of years to be created. And even though there is now the technology to create fresh water from salt water, we must still conserve water since this affects the balance of life.

We should also conserve food and avoid throwing food by cooking enough amounts only and consuming what we have put on our plates. We need to conserve trees and reduce the cut down of forests by reducing our use of paper such going paperless for our bills and lessening the use of toilet paper and tissue. Electricity is another key player that we need to reduce. We must unplug our electronics when not in use since if they are plugged in, they still use about 25% of the total wattage they have. We can not only save the environment by doing so, we can also save money from our electric bills.

How about living in a tiny house? Most American and European houses consume much due to the size of the property. A 300sq foot hour or about 30sqm is liveable for about two to three adults. In Asian countries, people stay in such houses and live normal lives. Many people think they need much space to enjoy life. On the contrary, if one lives in a smaller house there is less time needed to clean and more time to do other things you would like to enjoy.


Reusing things can be a big step towards saving the planet and minimizing our carbon footprint. There has been a movement towards a phone that can be changed to the specs you only need eliminating the need to buy a new mobile device. Electronic waste accounts for a big percentage of our garbage in the recent years. Reusing bottles as containers can be a big way to avoid garbage. Bringing reusable bags can also eliminate the need for plastic or even paper in the supermarket. The difference of reusing and recycling is the latter does not need much change or any physical or chemical processes to allow the item to be used again.


Recycling is a step that people can do in their houses or can be projects to be done by a community or even the government. Recycling paper and plastic is a big step to clean up the surrounding and keep the oceans and bodies of water clean. Since plastic takes millions of years to decompose, we must learn how to recycle it. There has been a popular shoe brand, Adidas who has created a shoe out of plastics floating in the ocean. Paper recycling is a fun activity that kids and adults can enjoy.  Rubber can be reused to create new rubber products. Steel can be melted and used again. Parts of computers can even be mined for gold parts and other components can be reintegrated to new sets.

If we want our children and their children to live in an environment that does not cause them to get sick or even die, we must learn to live a life that does not damage our planet. We must show that we care. Little things do matter. If we do not do anything to improve our current situation, the effects of climate change will destroy mankind. We experience sweltering heat near the tropics and overly cold winters in the higher planes. But we can do something about it. We must act now. Because tomorrow may be too late.

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