Sunshine Association for Sustainable Development

Sunshine Association for Sustainable Development

A Quick Guide to the Basics of Sustainable Development

bio-42609_1280The term sustainable development is often used in political and economic circles when talking about steps that can be taken to improve the economy of certain areas and to provide for the needs of citizens. However, not everyone understands what is meant by this phrase and the concept overall.

It’s vital that a person understand the basics of the concept so that they can have a better idea of why it’s so important and how they can be a part of such development. Consider a few basics when it comes to this term and how it can be applied in both a political and economic setting.

Understanding Sustainable

The term sustainable refers to the use of something such as natural resources in such a way that it doesn’t compromise its availability in the future. As an example, bamboo is often called a sustainable material because it grows so fast; some varieties of bamboo grow up to three feet in one day. When there is a demand for wood such as for building or remodeling, a company might choose to harvest bamboo because they can take what they need now without compromising the availability of this material in the future.

The word may be used to describe materials that are naturally abundant such as that bamboo, or it may refer to proactive steps being taken in order to create that sustainability. For instance, a company may plant a certain number of trees to compensate for the trees it harvests, creating sustainability.

Sustainable Health

As well as putting into practice sustainable usage of resources, we also need to look at the way we are using chemicals on the land, on our bodies and in our foods and products.  Continually using pesticides is not sustainable as it has unfortunate consequences for plant and animal life and also for the nutrition levels in our food.  Moreover many of the chemicals declared as safe by the FDA and other organisations, are in fact toxic with regular use.  Often the studies that show that they are safe in a particular product do not take into account the cumulative effect on the body of these poisons, and also the multitude of products and foods that they can be found in. A good example of this can be seen in chemical dog worming treatments and also flea treatments for dogs.  We recommend using a natural dog wormer to avoid nasty side effects in your pets.  In your own life you should aim to reduce the amount of chemicals in your diet by using less unnatural products and choosing organic or locally grown food, where possible.


Development refers to anything and everything needed to be done for economic growth and stability. This refers to providing citizens their basic needs for today as well as investing in growth for the future. This would then encompass everything from food supplies to planning and designing infrastructure for cities.

Other Core Concepts

The term sustainable development also typically refers to the concept of the needs of the world’s poor, which is given priority. It then also refers to limitations put on those who are in the business of development so that they do not affect sustainability of earth’s resources, and so that those in the poorest areas of the world have the same opportunities for growth.

This is the basic concept of sustainable development. Growth and development are respected, but within boundaries that will ensure future stability and that will ensure there is no priority given to the development of one class over another.

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