Sunshine Association for Sustainable Development

Sunshine Association for Sustainable Development

About Us

team-386673_1280We are the Sunshine Association for Sustainable Development (SASD), a group committed to find ways to promote saving the environment. We aim to enlighten people about sustainable development, renewable energy, clean living and minimizing carbon footprints. Our group is headed by Mrs. Sunshine Sullivan, who is a firm advocate for environmental awareness.

Our team tries to educate people through different methods on how to help Mother Nature. We engage in tree planting activities, recycling, renewable energy discussions and lectures about helping minimize pollution. We also try to provide activities for children so that they can learn about how to maintain sustainability and prolong the life of the planet through clean acts.

Renewable energy is the best way to put our planet forward. This would allow us to continuously develop and maintain human lives without creating a great damage to our planet. Advocating for a cleaner world can be as easy as doing small acts. Turning of lights, unplugging appliances, recycling and garbage segregation may seem easy and irrelevant but this small acts can determine the future of our world.

We hope to provide the children of our future a clean and safe environment with trees and animals in a biologically diverse planet. We aim to allow the planet to thrive and live for thousands or millions of years more. For our children, for our future.